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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents a major breakthrough in the architectural industry.. Because a BIM operates on a digital database, a change made in one view is reflected throughout the entire drawing automatically. This syncs everyone involved in the project and allows them to view the model in different ways.

Cheltenham CAD Services provide BIM outsourcing services that help to communicate, collaborate and create design information related models to all involved in the process of design and execution. BIM helps greatly improve productivity by creating an avenue for the creation, storage, distribution and communication of design sensitive information through an intelligent 3D model. This model helps in streamlining and identifying information from all levels of inputs: architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, and developers.

We produce 4D and 5D BIM models for contractors, private developers, house builders, housing associations, self builders and more.......

Advantages of BIM

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