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Sketch illustrations

Sketches are quick drawings capturing the essence of an object or situation, often done as preparation for larger or more detailed work.

At Cheltenham CAD Services our sketches are created using architectural software; therefore we can guarantee that the scaling is accurate. In the same methodology as creating visualisations, a wire frame is built and transferred to a specialist program. It is here that we are able to apply pen and ink, crayon, watercolour, felt pen, pencil or a variety of other styles, textures and finishes.

Sketches are very useful at the early stages of a development proposal. Before proceeding with detailed drawings, they can be used to great effect when presenting an outline scheme to investors or a local planning authority.

Utilised correctly they can provide an extremely cost effective solution. The model can also be further implemented as a photo-real visualisation if and when the time is suitable, making this a great first stage in your development process.





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